Gorsuch nomination democrats GOP battle

The Democrats and GOP to Battle Over Gorsuch Nomination?

As goes the United States Supreme Court, so goes the world. That very notion explains why U.S. President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the higher court figures to be hotly contested prior to the likelihood the GOP would resort to the nuclear option. That would eliminate the possibility of a filibuster and almost assure the nomination goes through with the GOP’s 52 senate votes.

In all fairness to the Democrats, they are still fuming over the fact the GOP blocked former President Barack Obama’s nomination of Federal Judge Merrick Garland for almost a year until the election cycle was completed. With the current Supreme Court comprised of four left-leaning Justices and four right-leaning justices, this next placement figures to have a material impact on the direction of the U.S. and many other parts of world.

The GOP is going to be pressing the very same Democrat party that helped confirm Gorsuch when he was nominated for the Colorado federal appellate court. An argument can certainly be made that absolutely nothing has changed in Gorsuch’s ideology to warrant the party changing it’s attitude about their collective belief in the man to be fair and decent, an endorsement also made by none other than Obama.

Leading the fight for the Democrats is Sen. Chuck Schumer, who has threatened to do everything is his power to fight to keep the Supreme Court slot open until the 2020 elections. Of course, there are other party members who believe this is not the time to fight a nomination, given the likelihood President Trump will get at least on more opportunity to nominate a Justice.

Even if the Democrats defer a fight until a later date, they have 20 Senators up for reelection in 2018 with the GOP only defending 8 seats. A swing of just 8 seats in the GOP’s favor would give them a super majority. The battle has begun.