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Macron Claims Victory in France’s Presidential Election

With France facing significant issues related to unemployment and immigration from Muslim countries, the country’s citizens went to the polls in round two of the presidential election. As the dust cleared, Emmanuel Macron was the decided victor. The announcement came after the polls closed on a bitter fight between Macron and the far right candidate Marine Le Pen.

After Donald Trump’s victory in the US and Brexit’s victory in the United Kingdom, there were great concerns among populist leaning political figures that the tide had turned and a nationalist movement was sweeping the world. As a self-described centrist, Macron was able to strike a major victory among politicians who still favor liberal causes like open immigration policies.

Macron is a successful 39-year old businessman who decided to start his own centrist party and a run towards the presidency only a year ago. His victory serves as another clear message that tradition political concerns across the globe are under great pressure from people who want to see significant changes in the way their countries are being run.

While he never made a formal declaration of support, US President Trump was known to have been supportive of Le Pen’s tough stand against the continued immigration policies that have been creating significant problems between France’s borders. In an official statement out of the White House on behalf of the President, “We congratulate President-elect Macron and the people of France on their successful presidential election. We look forward to working with the new President and continuing our close cooperation with the French government.”

For now, liberal factions can breath a sigh of relief. In support of Macron, former US President Barack Obama just last week issued a video in support of the new French leader. In the video, he made clear the importance of the election by saying “Because the success of France matters to the entire world.”