NAACP Boycott NFL Politics

NAACP Threatening to Boycott NFL Over Politics

It has taken decades, but America’s National Football League (NFL) has become the country’s most popular sport. It is also becoming a playground for politics on both the left and the right.

During the first two weeks of the preseason, which got underway the second week of August, a number of NFL players have decided to “take a knee” during the playing of the national anthem. Traditionally, NFL players will line up on the sidelines while players and fans pay tribute to the country. The fact many players are deciding to offer their protest by kneeling down is dividing both the league, teams and even the country.

Much of the recent controversy revolves around former San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick. Last season, Kaepernick would kneel alone in his attempts to protest the treatment of black youths by police officers. His initial actions came after a number of incidences where black men were killed while interacting with law enforcement.

In line with recent news related to clashes between Black Lives Matter and White Supremacist activists, the nation is dividing along racial lines. The recent events in Charlotte, Carolina seem to have spurred opinion from every part of the United States. Now, a number of black athletes have decided its time to be heard. The message they are sending is racism will not be tolerated.

In an effort to draw focus on this growing issue, the NAACP has decided to get involved. A number of activists on the left believe Kaepernick is being black-balled from the NFL because of his politics. According to the Atlanta NAACP, they have no intention of standing by while one of their brothers is being deprived of the opportunity to play football. If Kaepernick doesn’t have an offer by September 17, the NAACP is threatening and NFL boycott. It’s strange, but the line between sports and politics is fading.