Trump Finally Certified as the Next President of the United States

Despite the objection of far-left advocates and a couple of last ditch efforts to stop the certification process in the Senate and House, Congress has finally certified Donald Trump (GOP) as the next President of the United States of America. The certification comes at the end of one of the most bazaar and contentious election cycles in the country’s history.

After Trump surprised Americans and the international community with his victory over Democrat Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton back in November, the nation seemed to have trouble coming to grips with the election process and the results. While Clinton secured the popular vote by almost 3,000,000 votes, it was Trump who carried the all-important electoral college to secure the victory.

In the lead up to the electoral college’s casting of its final votes this week, there was much discussion, angry and otherwise, as to whether or not there should be change in the U.S. election process. Left-wing pundits and political figures tried valiantly to get enough electoral voters to cross lines and cast their votes for Clinton. There were even efforts to “bribe” said voters into changing their votes, see film director Michael Moore.

After several challenges to the voting results in several key swing-states proved baseless, it became clear that nothing really stood in the way of Trump making it to inauguration day where he will be sworn in as President.

The inauguration process is slated for January 20, 2017. Alongside Trump becoming President, Mike Pence will be sworn in as Vice President. The entire process is expected to take place while hundreds of demonstrations take place across the nation. The unwillingness of liberal factions to give Trump an opportunity to see what he can do to help the country only stands to create further divisions within a nation that has struggled to come together as both parties continue to migrate further apart based on ideologies.